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Found 6 results

  1. So, in 2015 I was apart of a VTC called SFH and I'm wondering - Is there a company as demanding as SFH once was. I understand that there are a lot of so-called professional companies, but I need something that has the same level of standart that SFH once had. Thanks for your help.
  2. As you are all aware TSR (formally known as ETR) and SFH have not seen eye to eye for a very long time. Now due to all the changes in the radio ownership. We in the VTC have decided it was about time we also did a large change, we have decided to do hopefully host the first of many collaborated event with SFH. After a lengthy discussion with SFH owners/management we all agreed the best step forward for us all was to jointly host a Truck-fest. We all hope to bring back the community spirit and the camaraderie we both shared at the birth of SFH. We know this will be happening in the month of May and when I (TSRVTC) and Digital (SFH) have worked out all the details then we will update this thread.
  3. Soarfly Logistics (SFH, SFA and SEMS) will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary soon, and we invite you to join us! We will be taking a trip down memory lane on the 20th February 2016 at 8:00PM (GMT) to reminisce over the amazing ideas, memories and members we have had over the year. This virtual trucking company has been well known in the ETS2MP community since it was established, but what for? SFH have always aimed to be realistic and professional, and many drivers have noticed this around ETS2. All of our members drive to the highest standards, are great to talk to and are always up for a drive together. They are trained in the Soarfly Academy, which operates similar to the way truck drivers are trained in real life. SEMS is a dedicated little team of members that have provided professional, quality and entertaining events over the year, and the feedback received from drivers have been amazing. We are always improving on our events to ensure they are the highest quality and full of enjoyment to everyone. Over the course of 2015 we saw many initiatives in events and quickly became industry leaders to sit side by side with another well known VTC. Many new and iconic events were brought to the table by SEMS over the year including H64, Frightfest, Poppy Parade and the Reindeer Dash. Whilst also setting new records and starting new trends, in 2016 we aim to bring you even more new events and exciting adventures. All of our drivers have put thousands of hours into ETS2, travelling millions of miles and completed a ton of jobs. The drivers can be found driving around in-game everyday completing jobs together, and generally having a fun and memorable driving experience. So how are we celebrating? We will be embarking on a convoy down memory lane from: Plymouth to Dover @ 20th February 2016, 8PM (GMT). Server: EU1 The convoy will feature our drivers in the old Scania Streamline truck and paint job, as well as other well-known trucks from popular events such as H64, Poppy Parade and Frightfest! And of course, will be supported by SEMS - in their old paintjob! We look forward to seeing you here celebrating with us! Here's to another great year!
  4. SOARFLY LOGISTICS PRESENTS Reindeer Dash Go Fancy Dress as festive as you can! :: WHAT :: A festive convoy to visit santa! :: WHERE :: Helsingborg Hotel, Garage and Services :: WHEN :: Saturday 19th December 2015 from 18:00 GMT :: WHY :: To bring the community together and share the christmas spirit Sign up on ets2c.com Now! :: No Charities, Just Festive Cheer :: Timetable 17:30 - Meet in Helsingborg 18:00 - Convoy leaves Helsingborg to head north to Uppsala Route Santa changed his route for logistical reasons! The route will take us on the most direct route to the destination via the E4 Planning started on 17th August 2015 by the Soarfly Logistics senior management team. Images produced by [sFH] Cheetah for use by Soarfly Haulage VLC. No Drink Driving Please
  5. HAULAGE 64 You helped us raise £3460.54 If you were there, we would like you to fill in this short survey https://goo.gl/PLehVK Statistics Total Time: 64 Hours Exactly Total Driving Time: 48 Hours Exactly Total Miles: 28,220 Longest Running Driver: Whitemead Most Active VTC: LKW Transport Thank You We would like thank everyone who took part in the event over the weekend but would also like to give special thanks to some: Leaders and Tails - for keeping the convoy going continuous for the entire 64 hours Event Support Team - for keeping eyes on the ets2map, twitch streams, facebook and forums Live Streamers - for keeping the live coverage of the event rolling for the entire 64hours Shouts to: Sgt.Pepper, Clashin_Jon & MrsArsenic RubberDuckConvoys - for providing temporary guidance support ETS2MP Staff/IGA's - for allowing us use of the community twitch channel, turning up to show your support and helping us keep control at busy times Planning started on 19th April 2015 by the Soarfly Haulage senior management team. Maps produced by [sFH] M1K3Y for use by Soarfly Haulage VLC. 100% of funds raised from donations will go to Cancer Research UK.
  6. As i think most of you people have taken some nice screenshots or video's of Haulage 64 and would like to share them with the community Why not post your pictures or video's down here So we and the rest of the community can watch your masterpieces (Or leave a link were we can see them) Greetings [sFH] Wapsie - Team Leader
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