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Found 3 results

  1. Zdar vsichni behem dnesni jizdy jsem narazil na dva idioty viz videjko, problem je ze to nebere jejich ID do reportu prvni je Koba (75) protismer a tesne prede mnou uhyba - ja to stihl zastavit ale ten za mnou uz ne (taky jeho chyba mel mit odstup) druhy Ivan-Bitebsc(1287) se skodovkou jel chvilku vedle mne a pak to do mne napral, ze by odplata?? Naklad jsem dovezl bez poskozeni a tahac ma 3% cili jsem vklidu, ale tihle idioti kazi hru. Video natocil kamarad co mne sledoval pres steam:
  2. Hello everyone I bet you have seen this quite often, were you will see people with tags next to their name. [Light crew], [Traffic-crew], [Traffic Enforcer], etc. the list go on. Many of these people I’d noticed have been "Playing" Police or stating that "admin told me to do this" which we all know is NOT true! I'm just curious can we report them? Because it’s becoming a great nuisance. (Irritant) Please I’d love to know what we can do other than ignore their ignorance.
  3. Hello! My Account ban! Reason:Wrong way with ep Yes , I was going backwards , but no one interfered , for it gave me 30 days? not nogova something? when those blocks all port that the server is supposed to give 3 days , ask me to unblock my blocked keyboard because of the younger brother , he pressed the Power button after which I could do nothing , had to shut down and I turned and got into the game as soon as I stopped I flew ban My English is not 100% , and I don't know whether the section has created the topic. I ask me to unlock or change up to 2 days for I am not guilty I know my fault , next time I will play without his brother. The screen could not do , missing text My Nick: Panda again I'm sorry when the player , which I cut and I flodil administrators were 3 online nobody reacted , and how I accidentally broke and then for systemic reasons , I immediately issued a ban for 30 days , what?? who taught you , who is gaining such mediocrity , it's not the admins , and horror. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ets2mpgamerpanda/
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