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Found 4 results

  1. Convoy Information ➽ Server : 75th INDONESIA MERDEKA ➽ Date and Time: 15 August 2020 [ 09:00 - 23:00 UTC ] ➽ Meeting Point: Glasgow - Quarry ➽ End Point: DOVER - Seaport ➽ Trailer: Yes Required ➽ Route: Rules: ➽ All TruckersMP rules apply, except temporary rules ➽ Leave at least 2 lorry spaces for convoy layout and possible problems. ➽ Please don't overtake for convoy layout ➽ Park the area specified. Temporary Rules: ➽ Event Staff allow to blocking the road ➽ Event Staff allow to drive wrong way / wrong side of the road ➽ Event Staff allow to stop/park on the line 1 or the side/sidewalk of the road Link Event: ETS2C
  2. Suggestion Name: Pickup trucks Suggestion Description: pickup trucks and hauling jobs Why should it be added? I would rather see pickup trucks be added than the skoda since it is in the same category as trucks, i believe it would also do a wonderful job with hauling jobs and also to give players a realistic feeling of what it is like to haul trailers with a pickup truck while there are thousands of other drivers around doing the same thing. And i also think players would engage more in the game if modified kits where added each update for the pickup trucks and also there are some people who dont want to be too high or too low of the ground and thats where the pickup truck comes in and also since it is smaller than alot of semis it should be cheaper which should enable beginners or starter players to learn easier by doing the easier haulings first and then as they level up they move on to bigger trucks and trailers. o
  3. Do you want to share your story on this almost gone 2019?
  4. Hello there! I figured as we all probably don't have family spending the New Year together. I am going to be in Los Angeles at to watch the ball drop, as hopefully others will be too but with a twist! As a Community, I personally invite all far & wide to join me in LA tonight at 11pm EST to enjoy the last few minutes of the decade together as a Community. Hope to see you there! Discord: RaccAttacc#3945 Happy New Year!
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