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  1. A new VTC panel! It's free, for everyone! The best alternative! http://vtc.ets2mp.it The official mascot is the squirrel. Smart and fast .. like our VTC! Unlike the competition, we have chosen a name that not only is the quality of our VTC, but also a nice and cuddly mascot! : D Our squirrel is all that concerns our VTC, from ModHub until SqueakFM, the official radio station of SqueakVTC (powered by TruckersFM, for us the best radio ETS2MP). The squirrel also appears in SqueakAPI, tools for developers who want to create projects using the engine SqueakVTC. This is our mascot and that's why we called it so ... we love this name! Our VTC is for everyone. Anyone can use our VTC, just register as a user and then register a new virtual company. In that case all users who use this VTC, may require hiring a virtual companies to your liking. In our opinion, this is the best, because you have the opportunity to find work on a virtual company, and unlike companies virtual users can receive through this system. Our VTC integrates all the original map of the city and also external ones as Promod. In addition, a user can request vacation just like the real ... basically this is the purpose of our VTC, simulate reality! What are you waiting? Register on the VTC and transferred your company in our VTC! When we decided to do a new VTC we decided to create something new and innovative, a sort of All-In-One. Here we have created a special section for the Mods! Each user can publish a mod, starting from their own to publish those of other users. Moderators have the specific task of viewing every mod sent and accepted or rejected based on the completeness of your submission. Forget about ETS2LT ...! This is the new new and innovative! Thanks to the management of our convoys VTC is a true All-In-One. The system is similar to what we have seen elsewhere, that only improved! Each user who registers on this VTC can see convoys public and company name, decide whether to accept or refuse participation. Whenever a director of a company send a new convoy, all users of the company receive an email notification of where they are informed of the convoy organized. This is the system of convoys, and we think we can simplify the lives of many people! What makes the difference is everything. Starting from our API to the section of the mods. It 'better than other VTC very famous today. In terms of translation (our VTC is translated by experts, not by a bad system, cumbersome and unnecessary !!! ). Our VTC is open to all developers who want to develop projects connecting to our VTC. The SqueakAPI are written in language JSON and there is a detailed guide on http://vtc.ets2mp.it/api/. Good development in all developers! Create fantastic products! Find us on YouTube and Facebook! Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRv_CsEZjY5UprCkTbi8Aqg Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SqueakVTC