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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Ranked Truckers and AI cars Suggestion Description: I think the only way to get rid of troll players is to place drivers at certain rank levels by scoring according to their driving scores. In this way, a server can be opened for people who drive well and on that server there is no speed limit. My other suggestion is a suggestion which I think is absolutely necessary. Artificial intelligence cars ... Multiplayer rooads are very empty. This really disturbs the game play. People get bored after a certain period of driving on empty roads. Any example images: - Why should it be added ?: Because people don't like being restrained. Besides, the speed limit can never solve anything. Rank system should be brought urgently. The presence of AI tools will also multiply the pleasure of multiplayer.
  2. Sizce ETS2MP Skoda Lar Dışında Karavanlar Pzotifmi Yoksa Negatifmi ?
  3. Hi all, Thank you for stopping to help I recently opened ETS 2 after about 4 weeks of non-use. I installed some mandatory ets 2 mp updates and I entered the game. Lo and behold I have been granted the rights to be an admin! I was astonished! However, when I saw some kick-able stuff, I 'kicked' the player and a troll face came on and said "<system> Player has been kicked" I don't know if this is a bug or anything. but I also tried getting the blue LED's from the garage, the game kicked me instantly. Is there some sort of thing I need to do to be able to kick, ban players or is this a troll. Many thanks
  4. Guest


    Merhaba sayın Truckers MP Oyuncuları.Bunu yazmadan önce uzun bir süre düşündüm.Biz kamyon süren oyuncular için troll skodalar tam bir baş belası.Yönetim'den şunu istiyorum , Skodalar adminlere özel olsun. Burada İse Resimler Var : https://hizliresim.com/qWRzXB https://hizliresim.com/jWjd79 Karar Sizin !
  5. Youtube üzerinde "Idiots on the Roads" ile arama yaptığınızda bir çok Troll Türk'e denk geliyoruz, farkında mısınız? Ben de denk geldim, geliyor karşı şeridden çarpıyor ve siz report edene kadar Alt+F4 ile oyundan çıkıyor. Ne yapılabilir hem bu Alt+F4 trollerine hem de Türk troll sayısına? Başlık daha önce açıldıysa, kusura bakmayın. Videoları izlerken biraz canım sıkıldı ve bu işin çözülmesi gerekir bir şekilde. Örnek video: Best of ETS2 Mp - Idiots on the road Topic inactive.Locked and Archived.
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