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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Friends colored in the Player ListSuggestion Description: In a crowded area it's really hard to find your friend's information or how far away he is from you in the Player List. It would be very helpful for the name of your friend to be in a different color (for ex.: green) than the other names and it would be very helpful if your friend was also on top of everyone or there would be a button named "Friends Nearby" or something else, on the Player List to show your friends only and not 60 people. (Also wouldn't be bad if your own name was in a different color but its already in the top I think so no need for that) Also would be good if you could choose what colors you want your friends to be as in the list from the options menu. Any example images: If my friend was Yoda_Fire his name would be all in green or some other color, different from the other people that have their names in white. So " 198 Yoda_Fire 238ms 204.2m " would all be in another color so I can distinguish him as a friend from the other people that I don't know. Why should it be added?: It would be easier to find your friend on the Player List
  2. Suggestion Name: Search box under players list in game Suggestion Description: Basically when you open the players list there could be a search box underneath, above the open steam profile and open truckersmp profile options where you can search id numbers and names. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This should be added so that when you are in high population areas you do not need to scroll and look for the right player to report but can instead search their number and have the result instantly which can also stop players stopping on the side of the road to scroll through the players list for the correct player, adding even more traffic to already highly populated areas.
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