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Found 5 results

  1. In this guide I will show you how to change the colour of your license plate's text! WARNING: This won't work if you have an active license plate on World of Trucks. Make sure to remove that before proceeding. Step 1: Setting up your save profile. To do this we will have to edit your save profile. First we need to make your profile save in a format that can be decrypted. Go to the ETS2 My Documents folder: (C:\Users\[Your username]\Documents\EuroTruckSimulator2) and open the config.cfg with Notepad. Once you've opened it, press
  2. Guest

    Plakanın Rengini Değiştirme

    Selamlar. Bu benim ilk forumum, daha önce bu konu hakkında yazılmamış sanırım. Dün TMP kurallarını okudum ve kurallarda plakanın rengini değiştirmekle alakalı bir ceza göremedim. Ben de hem tırımın hem dorsemin plaka rengini fotoğraftaki gibi mor yaptım daha hoş oldu. Ama bir arkadaşım plakasını mavi renk yaptığı için 2 gün ban yediğini söyledi. Sorum ise şu. Plakanın rengini değiştirmek mi yoksa mavi renk yapmak mı ban sebebi? Bilenler cevaplarsa memnun olurum.
  3. Hello everyone ! This is my first topic and i want to share with you colored plates.Its coded by me everyone can use it. how it looks in the game: Plate : license_plate: "<offset hshift=4 vshift=5>color<img src=/material/ui/no_scale/white.mat color=FF911111 width=444444482 height=55>|netherlands" Default color is blue,if you want edit color,change this part:"color=FF911111"
  4. Hey, As the title says. I can only change the plate on the truck I have currently equipped. Is there a way to change license plate on every single truck I have? WITHOUT switching between like 20+ trucks and setting license plate for each separately.
  5. So when i go on WOT (world of trucks) Changing plate name nothing happens i waited for like an hour still no change... anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks ) EDIT: I fixed it forget this
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