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Found 1 result

  1. V2 AVAILABLE ON ANDROID Trucky - TruckersMP Companion app https://truckyapp.com/ It's my pleasure to show you Trucky , a companion app for TruckersMP . Available for Android and iOS. Optimized for Android Tablet 7" and 10" Do you want to support this app? or TruckersMP Annual Community Awards 2017 is open, please support my work by voting Trucky for "Non-VTC Related Community Project" nomination Trucky is the must have for TruckersMP players to be always in touch with game news, servers status and events. Features Display events and announcements from TruckersMP Steam Official Group Display game status (last update, last announcement banner as shown in TruckersMP launcher, total number of players) Display game time in real time Display servers status, queue time and servers statistics as a glance Display official rules Display ets2c.com and truckers.events meetups with possibility to add them to phone calendar with reminders and alarms Search player via Steam username, Steam ID or TruckersMP ID Check online status in real time, if player is online you can follow him directly on live map from your phone! Live map integration from ETS2map.com (filter places and other POIs, change settings like on your browser) Steam authentication : authenticate with your Steam profile Friends list : check when your Steam friends are online and follow them on the map Traffic status : show real time traffic status (thanks to @Krashnz) SCS Software latest news : read latest news from Steam rss feed Multilanguage Translations available (thanks to translators of TruckersMP International - Official on Facebook) English French Italian Finnish Bulgarian Spanish Dutch Polish German Czech Russian Portuguese Chinese (Simplified) Turkish Norvegian Estonian (thank you guys, awesome work!) !!! Translators needed !!! Do you wanto help translating Trucky in your language? Use this tool: https://translate.truckyapp.com/collaboration Supports push notifications to be always in touch with latest TruckersMP news and announcements. Informations are provided by TruckersMP API , ETS2.com and traffic.krashnz.com(many thanks to their authors!) I'm waiting for suggestions, bugs report and all that can help to improve this app. *** Please note that the app is still on heavy development and may be unstable and bugged. I've done all in my hands to test on some devices. Feel free to report me all bugs and strange thinks you'll find out *** Screenshots Planned features Integrate events from truckers.events Integrate traffic status SCS Software news feed Notifications on new news and upcoming events Live map integration Online status check Traffic status SCS newsfeed World of Trucks Galleries Twitch and YouTube live streams Source code Source code is available on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/truckydevteam/truckyv2 (Old GitHub repository no more maintaned) The app is written in React Native and, originally, was developed as a playground to learn a new language. If you are a developer and you are interested to jump in, drop me a pm. I'd like to get in touch with other developers to continue to build new tools for TruckersMP. Thank you for your attention, happy downloading and happy trucking!
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