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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I will explain to you how to deactivate/activate the season effects in TruckersMP. To do this, open the Tab / Settings / Game there you have to check or uncheck the box to disable/enable the season effects, depending on how you want it. That's it, hope I could help you ? Step 1: Settings Step 2: Settings / Game With kind regards Maxi.
  2. Hi guys, I will explain to you how to disable/enable the horn from other players via tab in TruckersMP. in TruckersMP. To do this, open the Tab / Settings / Sound There you have to check or uncheck the box to disable/enable the horn, depending on how you want it. This doesn't mean you turn off your horns but the ones of the other users. That's it, I hope I could help you ? . Step 1: Settings Step 2: Settings / Sound If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me ? With kind regards Maxi.
  3. Hi guys, I will explain how to use mods in TruckersMP, It is important that mods only work if TruckersMP announces them in advance. The tutorial is simple and easy to understand. Let's start. Step 1: First you have to open the Explorer, then you go to Documents. Step 2: Then open the ETS2MP folder. If no "mod" folder has been created yet, you must create one. Step 3: If everything worked out, you should have a "mod" folder and be able to add mods like summer, winter, spring, autumn or other things TruckersMP offers for download. I hope I could help many people who didn't know how to install mods in TruckersMP. for questions send me a PM in the forum : D
  4. Hello dear truckers, This is my tutorial on how to use the Job Dispatcher. First press the TAB key so that you see this menu Then click on this icon and you will see the Job Dispatcher menu. In the menu you must select: Start: In which city you want to start Destination: Where you want to go - destination Cargo: What cargo you want to drive Start Company: At which company you would like to start Destination Company: Which company you want to end up at Trailer: Which trailer you want to drive If you tick mark 1, you select that you can drive directly to the start company without having to accept the order and the trailer is already ready. Please note that you must not be more than 400 metres away from the company for this to work. If you tick the checkbox for mark 2, you select that your navigation should only navigate you to the start company. This is very helpful if you are several metres/kilometres away from the start and do not know your way around the city. When you're done with that then: press this button Finally, press "Yes" and you will find your job in the job offer menu For example, if you want to ride with your friends and both or more of you want to have the same order, open the TAB menu, right-click on the player you want to copy the order from, and press : "Copy Current Job" Then the menu will open again and you can accept the order as explained above. This was my tutorial on How to use my job dispatcher properly. I hope I was able to help you with it and I look forward to receiving your feedback. Have a good trip and see you next time Best regards Jonas. [GER]
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