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Found 7 results

  1. TruckersMP yi açıyorum sonra launch ETS 2 ye basıyorum bu hata çıkıyor ?
  2. Guest

    Game crashed - FATAL ERROR

    Hello. When I pressing button "Launch ETS2" at TruckersMP app, game showing up, and after SCS Logo is showed, and coming ETS2 Logo, my game crashing. When I reinstalled TruckersMP, first opening of game and its working, but second time when i trying to play, it's again crashed. Crash.log https://pastebin.com/BH0j7NY5 Game.log https://pastebin.com/sfZDauQm
  3. Hello People ... I need help with the Euro Truck game, the game crashes every time I'm playing in places with many online players ... I need help with this topic ... Here is a .rar file since the "Pastebin" page does not let me create a copy link because it "says" that it exceeds the characters it supports. Thank you so much!! game.crash.rar
  4. Eu tenho problema em MP quando o jogo trava dormir '' single player '' não acontecer este problema, HEEEEELP POR FAVOR.
  5. Hello everyone, My game works great, but last time while I play multiplayer my game is crashing all the time, for example I start to play and after few minutes I get error message: " Game crashed - FATAL ERROR " I will put down a screenshot of that. Is there any way to fix that, or we have to wait for next update of game? Any help is welcome! Greetings!
  6. hi, I can play the game no problem but when i leave the game when in multplayer i get this message appearing. any solutions ??
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