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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, With the new sounds from Fmod introduced in 1.37, do you have a new favourite truck because of the sounds? Or are you still sticking to your old truck? I have changed from the Scania Streamline, to the DAF XF105
  2. Strad

    FMOD bugs

    Greetings, Not sure if there's already a place for people to come together and discuss about the current bugs/glitches in the recent FMOD implementation for 1.37 (I personally haven't seen a similar thread to this), so I thought I'd make a thread all about discussions to keep things organized-sorta. * If a thread like this is already active, please let me know! * What are some of the problems/issues you've encountered in 1.37? For me I'm experiencing: - Often engine startup sounds when I'm driving - Horn not working in populated areas
  3. Suggestion Name: Sound Mods in Multiplayer Suggestion Description: Adding sound mods to the multiplayer (ProMods + Vanillaserver) Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: Due to the fact, that SCS has (unfortunately) screwed up the stock sounds of the engines with FMOD, TruckersMP should support a small band of sound mods (like Kriechbaum's ones). In my opinion, this would be a really great addition and we all know, what will happens often in tunnels (slow down, windows down, set a lower gear and give fullspeed = POG) and people who don't have the mod are having
  4. Suggestion Name: FMOD Mods usable in TMP Suggestion Description: Using FMOD Mods while playing on TMP. With the current improvements (FMOD) it is in my opinion very desirable to make some selected FMODS available on TMP. I am thinking, for example, of Robinicus and Kriechbaum. Why should it be added?: It will be a great addition in Multiplayer driving to have the sound of Robinicus and or Kriechbaum. They are both very popular in the community and are used very often SP. Please give me thumbs up to get FMOD Mods available in TMP.
  5. El sonido juega un papel muy importante en los juegos interactivos, por lo que estamos muy emocionados de introducir un nuevo motor de sonido en los mundos de Euro Truck Simulator 2 y American Truck Simulator en un futuro próximo. FMOD [www.fmod.com] es un motor de efectos de sonido propietario que nos permitirá hacer un audio realmente dinámico y complejo. Hemos estado trabajando en su implementación desde hace mucho tiempo, y nuestro diseñador de sonido ya ha invertido cientos de horas en la implementación de nuevos sonidos para vehículos. Eventualmente, los cambios en nuestro pa
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