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Found 2 results

  1. noticing alot more new players parking there trucks in the medians on ats maps in the us simualtor servers ,is there any way that they can curb that issuse?
  2. Dear Admins / Moderators / Everyone! I got banned a few days ago for half a day with a clear history and with hundreds of hours played in ets2mp. Of course i am not banned anymore since it's expired. I think that i accidentaly got banned or if not then i do not think that i deserved to get banned and the problem comes from this. I do not like the fact that now i have a "history" and i'd like to talk this out with someone privately if it's possible. Because if it wasn't an accident ban then i'd like to clear a few grey areas in the "rules" which led me to this ban. I'd also would like to suggest a few things to clear the grey areas in the rules so other members of the community won't get into weird situations like me. Thanks in advance!
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