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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, The Free Camera is very useful in game for various purpose. I Played on a Laptop and the keyboard did not have any NUM keys. It was a problem for me for a long time until i found the solution. If you have a Keyboard like this Follow the steps Below. (Laptop/Compact Keyboard) Enable Free Camera: Go to Documents Folder & Open Euro Truck Simulator 2 Folder. Open “config.cfg“ file with the text editor. Now look for the entry “uset g_developer” and “uset g_console” and change there the value from “0” to “1“. To increase the speed of the
  2. Hi Before i carry on this only happens in Truckersmp all other games including ETS 2 singleplayer are ok. I be driving just fine then the F1 to F 8 keys won`t work so cant change map on sat nav for example Plus the ESC key does not work so am unable to go to the game menus / map / look for jobs etc. The number keys don`t work unable to type in chat I am unable to use the horn , indicators unable to drive. I use X box controller and that works ok all i can do is go forward and reverse ... I have to ALT / DEL and close the
  3. Hi, I have been able to access the free cam in the game. However, I cannot move because by keyboard is a Corsair K65 (compact keyboard) which does not have a Numpad. I would like to use my arrow keys to use the free cam. Thanks
  4. Hi guys! I can't seem to find the controls of how to chat ingame. Could you help me out? Martijn
  5. To preface this, I'd like to say that I have been playing ETS2 MP mod for a few months now, without the need for any of these features yet. Thus, I don't know anything about them, including their usage. Question 1 and 2: I've recently noticed that people are using a voice chat in the game itself. After seeking help from a user on the ETS2 MP teamspeak server, I was left a bit confused. I was then told that the voice key is binded to "V". Upon testing this, it didn't seem to work or it did-with little to no indication of such. From this, my question(s) is:
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