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  1. Some Tips for increase your Fps Step 1-) Checking your System Updates. Doing System Updates usally increases your Fps for example With this updates, ''Windows'' can make some important quality and performance improvements. First , Click this button on your pc ; Then click Settings which is the 3rd button. This page will open after you done it , Do your Computer updates. Step 2-) Cleaning your HDD/SSD and Delete Old Files. SSDs, which perform faster than HDDs, allow you to achieve higher FPS in games and experience shorter loading times. When using an SSD, you'll experience reduced wait times when launching a game, saving the game, or connecting to multiplayer game servers. First , Open ''Search'' which located on your taskbar Then write '' %temp% '' and delete all these files you can. Open ''Search'' again , now write %appdata% , you can delete application files which you dont use. It also helps to clean up the applications you don't use. Step 3-) Changing your Pc's settings to high performance This Step is one of the most important steps. Open Settings , go to Power Settings then click to advanced / extra power settings ; Then choose the high performance one. Step 4-) Choosing Maximum Processor Core This is too increases your fps as much as possible. First , open your '' run command '' with windows + r buttons and write '' msconfig '' ; In this page choose Preload which located in on your screen's up. Then click to extra / advanced settings , choose the maximum processor core , apply changes and restart your pc. Step 5-) Game Settings The Most ─░mportant step of our guide , Open TruckersMP , go to Graphic Settings ( This steps can be change by your pc components i'll share my pc's components on final. ) These are my Graphic Settings , i'm getting 30-50 fps in City ( Duis or Calais ) , In C-D road i'm getting 60+ normally , if server crowded ; Its 5-8 lower in city. My Pc ; - Intel i3 12100f - Amd Radeon rx 580 Armor 8gb - 16gb 3600mhz Ram - 1tb M2 Ssd - 650 W Psu - 5x Cooler Warning : If it's still not enough, we have 2 extra steps, but I want to make it clear that I don't take responsibility for what will happen in these steps, as your system components may vary. It worked for me, but it may not work for you. Extra 1 - Overclock your GPU I'm using MSI Afterburner for this , and overclock my Gpu for better perfomance , but don't forget you shouldn't do it too much otherwise it will harm to your Gpu. I Usally overclock it %8-%10 for better performance and less damage , for example My Gpu's standard memory frequency is 2000 MHz. By increasing it to 2150 MHz, I can gain 4-5 FPS, but it may slightly increase power consumption. Making %8 - %10 overclock didn't damage directly but in a long period it cause some problems like short cooler fan time , higher temperature etc. Here is my settings ; Extra 2 - Give higher priority with Task Manager Every time before join servers , you have to do that ; First , open your Task Manager with ''Control + Alt + Delete'' buttons , find Euro Truck Sim. then do these steps ( I advice choose High for better experience ) : Double Tap to Ets 2 , go to details. Again Double Tap Ets 2 and Click Set priority, Choose the High one ( my advice ) Note : My computer's language is Turkish, but I tried to explain it to you by writing to you as much as possible. You guys can ask Everything via my Discord ( in my profile ) I HOPE ALL THIS STEPS INCREASES YOUR FPS TOO MUCH , HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE - Joann!
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