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Found 5 results

  1. my truckersmp opens and is transparent and I can not play, I already uninstalled and installed again but it did not work (Windows 10 64x) Sorry my english Google Translator
  2. Hello all Today i have problem with a Launcher TruckersMP he can't find other file in folder. Yesterday i purchase DLC Euro Truck Italia and all has work. Today magic and problem. I reinstall game and Multi and in steam i changed Euro truck 2 properties and checked Don;'t download any beta update. In Screenchoots is a information as error and steam properties.
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue where the initial screen for multiplayer is missing, the screen that says "TruckersMP", has your login, and gives you the choice of servers. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times, I have checked to make sure the directory works, and I've watched the installation tutorial video. I tried installing both the ETS2 and ATS multiplayer programs, and when I tested to see if even ETS2 worked, it didn't display the initial screen either. I have 3 hours on ATS, and I have pressed the yellow-orange "Check Now" box on my Truckers MP settings page. In both cases, the multiplayer programs for ETS2 and ATS, the initial screen did not show, and I was presented with the basic single player screen that shows saves and some stats. When I pressed continue and drive, no other players were there, and the game was in single player mode. I'm not really sure if there's anything else I can try to do to fix it. I've played on the ETS2 servers before, and frequently before. Any help I can get on this issue would really help. Thank you.
  4. i re-installed it but it keeps saying it clickt 100 times on the yes button doesn't work -i have steam -i have the newest version -i have euro truck simulater 2 -i have selected the right path:C:\program files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 - i have windows 8 can someone help me? PS: I have the newest version of ets2mp I am already helped by TruCkDr1V3r but he couldn't fix it either Important Im not a noob that has made a dumb mistake I tried everything I could an it is a problem of ets2MP itself so developers that look at this topic please help me for the developers in the past they already fixed this problem so maybe do it again and I have this problem for 2 months
  5. Witam wszystkich. Od dłuższego czasu zastanawiam się nad programem do nagrywania w MP. ( Chodzi mi o te trolle co są w europorcie i na innych drogach ) Trzeba ich tępić. Ale do sedna sprawy. Szukam jakiegoś programu do nagrywania w czasie rzeczywistym. Który nie obciąża gry. Bo Fraps dość obciąża go. Mam jeszcze jakiś wbudowany w sterowniki od grafiki od AMD. Ale jakoś mi się nie widzi on. Dlatego chciałbym się zapytać o jakiś dobry i darmowy program do nagrywania. Który nie obciąża zbytnio kompa. Jak będą potrzebne jakieś specyfikacje kompa to proszę pisać.
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