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  1. today i was driving the c-d road and driving in Calais and the only thing you see in the chat is "rec  ban" that's it, everyone needs to chill with the "rec bans" and start recording real trolls with hacks or driving the wrong way and crashing into other players, so all i ask is to give people a break and if some one makes a little mistake don't ban them because they probably have a low spec PC or bad internet and please for the love of god stop saying "rec ban" in chat it drives me crazy, so please, only record trolls who go out of their way to ruin others day, and one more thing stop going around and recording everyone single player for making a mistake, its almost like people don't play the game to drive trucks and they only play it to ban people like honestly don't ruin someones Christmas morning with a ban for a tiny mistake, thank you and please drive like a normal person. 

    1. El Moreno s.l

      El Moreno s.l

      Hi, i am agreed with your opinion.


      Merry X mas! ?

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