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  1. Title says it all...I cant get any jobs to populate when I play. Now I know on ATS2 there is the method to generate jobs but whenever you do for "safety reasons" it spawn you at your last garage....so if I play and I'm all the way on the other side of the map and get back on it teleports me and messes up my travel plans. I always has this issue on ATS2....now on ETS2 and its getting supper annoying.....can anyone help me out here? Its making my online experience a huge pain....
  2. so I just updated to the most recent version today now it only gives me the option to use keyboard with my controller as well. In return this cause it to where all the controls on my controller work...EXCEPT the gas and brake. I cant get it to just use my gamepad again nor will it take these 2 inputs....help please? on top of that just found out if I use to controllers for xbox one I have this issue and its paired with the keyboard....if I use the Xinput gamepad option instead I have gas a break and can look around but all other controls stop working =/
  3. So I started the MP portion...did 1 run and after that no jobs. Made a new account, did tutorial...no jobs. So checked the forums and in my config filles on my saved profiles I do not have the g_developer nor the g_console...so I can not reset these options. Deleted the MP mod and redownloaded...no fix. Am I missing something here??...I also tried the economy reset.
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