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  1. I was wondering how I get my convoy info to have more info like "Red Nose Day Convoy" and "LA ROCHELLE". Thanks For You Help
  2. I updated drivers, made sure i had .NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 but that didn't fix it, so it would seem the only solution is to wait.
  3. Im not sure if this is a bug or if its my game and there is a way to fix it. When I launch mp everything is fine. The launcher opens, the game starts, I log in, something about an SDK pops up, I click ok, then the game freezes for about 1 minute (I usually tab out and back in to try make it unfreeze), when the game unfreezes everything is ok until i drop off a trailer and it freezes again. Sometimes it doesnt unfreeze and the crash log doesn't seem to have any info on it. All the crash reports are from months ago. EDIT: It seems to be fine on SP, im trying the suggestions. I will reply with how I get on.
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