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  1. Work needs to be done more on ets2 imo, because thats where it looks like the biggest fanbase is. What I would like to see is more realistic motorway junctions rather than the 2-3 prefabs that we currently have and diifferent companies that we have to haul for, aswell as adding multi drops after all not all trucking is going from one city to another for one thing.
  2. In my opinion I prefer not having the option of autopark in MP because it forces me to learn how to drive my truck better where as in SP I would just skip it.
  3. I've only noticed the decrease in performance in Rotterdam and Europoort last night, Was getting max 2 fps was pretty much unplayable to get a cargo out of Rotterdam. So just hightailed out of there and the rest of the map seemed fine to me even with other trucks passing. Saying that I will disable the flags DLC when I get home, and see if that makes a difference.
  4. Got it last night and already decked out my truck with them. Just wondering if they work on 1.23 and on MP or not?
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