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  1. Keller

    Favorite area to drive?

    California Highway 14 out of LA towards Palmdale, because of Duel
  2. Keller

    New Volvo Truck Thoughts?

    Groovy. Sounds pretty good too
  3. Keller

    automatic speed limiter

    I've seen the same happen with the box in the settings menu. The server seems to ignore it so shouldn't cause any issues. Global limiter is as stated above for sure, 100 open road 55 city limits
  4. my two bad ones. knocked my mouse off desk causing my camera to shoot up into the roof. was just enough time to get the classic guardrail clip and flip missed a rule amendment that cost me very dearly
  5. Keller

    Favourite road in Oregon

    agree. i like the road coming out of da Dalles to the south, 197 i think? nice scenery if you will
  6. Keller

    Surprised ATS didn't get much hype with 1.32

    1.32 was sweet imo. I hope ownage of other trailer types is close behind!
  7. Keller

    Volvo VNL coming in a few weeks

    Super news! Good things happening here recently
  8. Keller

    So whats up with the speed hackers?

    easy to hit high speed even without cheats. crazy, i personally haven't ever seen anyone yet that i would say was passing the global speed limiter on ATS. safe truckin' n have fun out there
  9. I really enjoy the sim radio, very cool feature to me. Usually can find something good on Beatlesradio or Heartland, then surf the channels if nothing happening there. Many thanks to all involved in bringing us the tunes! Safe trucking and peace my friends
  10. Keller

    Future Mods?

    I would love an actual air horn. also, i don't have the link but there is a very good parking brake valve sound mod i use in single player that is very sweet imo