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  1. On those 2 remarks I like to respond: SCS just released the OFFICIAL version, I am trying to understand why some assume that only then TruckersMP can see what changes are made. ATS and ETS2 were and always have Public/Open BETA time, at that time also the patchnotes are available, so they can use partly the Public/Open Beta to adapt the MP. (at least if I could do what TruckersMP does I would use the Public/Open Beta to see what changes MP needs and make it as far as I can) Doesn't mean that once the Public/Open Beta is done and SCS releases the OFFCIAL version th
  2. Thx for the update despite the issues it has at the moment which will be solved, as far as the NCZ goes I think if it's everywhere then I am not sure if report them is useful, again if it's all at this time i think somewhere somehow it disabled the NCZ for some reason (thinking outloud sticking my head in things that aren't my business) Sure it will be solved by the dev(s)
  3. all have own ideas and opinions, it doesnt matter in the end : when its ready its ready it wont make it go faster or slower to release the MP It does give a lot to read which sometimes is just hilarious
  4. i wanna be on MP 24/7 but that aint happening either people need sleep, have to work get money and so on, so it remains its ready when its ready asking for when it will be ready or will it be ready for weekend cause people wanna play : downgrade or wait It won't make them give estimation on when it is ready, normally it takes 3-4 days sometimes a week depending on the issues they encounter. Once it is released then they will say when it is ready @Sanguinem_Luna its version i had the update earlier today was a fix for the new DLC for Ireland flag. so nothing major.
  5. it's ready when it's ready, i don't think the developers think : "we gotta have this done before the weekend starts let's rush." They rather give us a MP that has as less as errors as possible, like a lot stated just wait patiently (but apparently most can't). Either downgrade or just wait til it is released. We all love the MP but most also let the devs do their work to update it, the more people talk and ask when is it ready, the longer it takes for them cause of answering the questions about it Take your time as you would anyways devs
  6. my ESET doesnt respond on it doesnt see anything wrong with it, so maybe you can retry downloading see if it happens again? But I doubt that the MP team will give malware, so far never had issues. on other note : ETS2 1.23.3 is released, have no clue yet why it is 1.23.3, the MP does work (it started lets stick to that havent looked further than that to be honest) just checking if the ETS2 version 1.23.3 is compatible with current MP version. Thx in advance and keep up the great work.
  7. Thx for the update, installed and runs perfect without problems. Keep up the great work, even though im not a fan of the you can buy a car as trucker and be a pain in the bottom of others. Hope the "kids" amongst us loose their fun (im sure they will one way or the other) Thx again happy trucking
  8. ok thx very much was just checking to be safe. Keep up the great hard work, really appreciated
  9. Thx in meantime version ETS2 1.23.2 is online and not sure if it is effecting the MP but it does work for me, not sure if it is allowed to have ETS2 1.23.2 and use MP
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