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  1. 19 minutes ago, Fatal said:

    Great idea but would involve having profiles stored online which is a long long long way away along with online economy. Maybe one day but don't expect it anytime soon.

    Why storing profiles?


    When you go into party YOU as a party leader send information to whole party with jobs. whole party clients recieve informations and use it on job listings. Whole thing should work if party leader first check lists, and at this moment data is transmited to whole party. 


    Thats just in my head :D

  2. Suggestion Name: Party 

    Suggestion Description: There should be some kind of party system. Where you and your friends get into a party, and All players in party have party leaders jobs. Jobs would be duplicated so everyone can take same job.
    Any example images:  nope
    Why should it be added?: This would totally end problem with people who play with friend and want to ride together thru the state, but its hard to get same job direction. it can even eliminate problem of "no jobs before sleeping over or teleporting".

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