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  1. Hi

    Once you accept a quick job, the truck and trailer (all job data) get saved to your save file, which in turns loads in MP as it is reads as default data of the game.
    There is no way around it, you will need to accept a job with the mod in SP and save, and then join MP. Repeat every single time.
    Same as any trailer mod.

    Would be best just to take a loan for a truck in your case, but career in MP is not really possible due to damages of other players/trolls.
    Good luck :thisisfine:

  2. Could be done, if you use like IVAO MTL rules as for an example.
    Requirement of minimum drivers in company for skin add would limit to less unused skins. 

    Limit companies to truck models for less skins.

    Every month or 2nd update of library.

    Option for skins can be included in the launcher if you want to download it.
    Paintjobs .sii file for all players (which is a few MB's, not much) in the main mod.
    Option to download the skins.

    Paintjobs .sii file will basically load the texture (skin) if you have downloaded it, else it would just show the basic color that is in the .sii file.
    It is the same with DLC, DLC load texture, no DLC load basic color from .sii file.

    Anyway, back to work for me...:ph34r:
    <?php echo 'It is better to be crazy, then being insane!'; ?>

  3. CCL Clearance


    Just my opinion, all laptops are downgraded from there full true power they should have been. 

    Just to save power and battery life, Manufactures used this to boost the spec sheet without truly saying the negatives.

    End of the day, you will need to upgrade sooner then later.

    Gaming = Desktop


    Anyway, laptops due come handy. Always needed something fancy as a coffee tray. :P


    o look at something like this


    AMD A8 £321.42


    and maybe look at start building a gaming desktop


    Just what I would do..

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Flow971_95 said:
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    Still not working for me with this solution... 



    Right click on "TruckersMP" shorcut, Properties, Compatibility tab and tick "Run this program as an administrator", press ok and double click TruckersMP as normal.


    Error should be gone, this what worked for me


    Take it every one has Win10 with this error...

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  5. 23 minutes ago, McDodge34 [FR QC] said:

    I can do this, where do we go, can also send a pack of Red Bull if that could help...


    lol I can see the position being posted already...



    Must be able to swim from one country to the next country (Shark attack experience preferred)

    ens, ens, ens

    (trying not to troll:troll:)


    Maybe give a donation and a note to say what the donation is for? Easiest way I can think of..

  6. 22 minutes ago, zedlin07 said:

    OK, I guess I'll just wait, but I was just willing to take part in the development or anything that could have helped, but seems like they don't need anything !


    Dev's are limited due to security reasons.

    It is not an personal thing against the community.

    It for the best intentions for TruckersMP.


    Just as an example, if the source files were leaked, hackers would be the only one's having fun on the servers. Community wouldn't last long (AKA dead project).

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  7. Hi All


    Out of curiosity I looked at the new SCS structure VS the last mod I did (1.14.x), and thought I might try a theory I got and yip it worked.

    Wish they had this function a few years ago, would have saved me a lot of time spend on mods for MP.


    Anyway, If you guys want to use it. Unfortunately it was to big to be attached (1.8mb), had to upload it else where.


    This is for base game cargo only, I didn't do the DLC's cargo as I don't want it to create errors for the people that don't have the DLC'S.

    Pick the trailer you want and the trailer skin goes according to location/company collected.

    Hook up and save. Join MP.


    >> Link: Download Here










    >> Link: Download Here


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  8. Hey guys im looking for a mod too change the wheels and tires of trailers wich works in MP.


    anyone has a good mod like this?

    preferable these wheels and tires:0aJljai.png

    (absolute fury wheels and runner tires)


    note:im fully awear of the raven wheels issue and dont want a mod for this.


    thanks upfront!


    In general, the game engine flags any front wheels on a trailer, you will get no wheels showing on the trailer, only rear wheels are possible, but yea 3D models do over lap thou

  9. As far as I know both SquawkBox and FsInn/FsCFoPilot still aren't compatible with FSX:SE, so you can't fly on Vatsim or IVAO networks. Which is a same, as those are real professional multiplayer networks..


    IVAO works, been flying there for a while. You just need the latest version installed of FSUIPC 4.937 or newer for IVAP to work (link below).




    You souldn't have any problems from there forward

  10. You could replace the textures via a vanilla file change mod (like my hybrid lorries), which you would take the job in sp. Though I'm not too sure I the textures would still be there once you're back in MP, or if it will even show for other users (like it could be stobart for you but transinet for others).


    Won't work, it will jump back to default since the mod is disabled during MP. (no image to over write the default skins, those not go in your save file)

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  11. How's this going?

    I have a colleague that claims that he already has the mod.


    depends how he went about it, can't add files to the DEF list and if you change the dealer details, game crashes when you try to add accessories (or it just my Win7 acting up again).


    Only way I can see is save file editing BUT this those raise a big concern with abuse modding with the beacons.

    I am still a bit two minded on a save file tutorial.


    Most likely.

    I have all video for my tutorial but I just don't have the time to assemble it right now lol

    I have video driver issues <_<

    Tried the free trial of Adobe?


    Nope have not tried, I use to use Nero 7 Ultimate (yes it old) with great results but for some reason it crashes the whole time (process stop working).

    Seems to be my newly installed Win7, getting .DLL (FSX:SE) crashes the whole weekend.

  12. Will try and make a tutorial on editing the save file for engine changes, this will allow you to custom to the custom conversion of the mechanical parts (aka example: Volvo 750 engine + Daf transmission + Scania 730 sound)

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    The rotating light exists in order to be thrown in slow vehicles and slow vehicles in mist of rain.
    This is the law of Rotating beacon around the world because it is lighting that draws a lot of attention and can hinder the driver. Why only vehicles specially equipped for emergency missions have permission to use the Rotating beacon at any speed.
    I would suggest that programasse the rotating light to turn off automatically if the user is above 20km / h.
    1 rotating light has bother to stay that light running in your face all the time.
    Imagine 8 rotating lights in your face ...
    Many people do not know how to use the Rotating light and make entire travel with them connected and I have to keep asking for users turn off the rotating lights because flashes in my eyes all the time ...
    I am boring or that these lights do not bother you? Especially the night in the repair station.



    Agree with you, it's more then annoying when players have more then 2 beacons on (especially if they have no trailer or a heavy trailer linked).

    I barely use them now since every other players has them on for no reason (making your beacons visibility pointless).


    The reason why I advised ETS2MP Team to take a look at this is because each beacon light uses processing power to project the reflection of the beacon light (even in SP, you will get FPS drop/lags, especially at night). This is the biggest reason I get game play lag.


    Think it is a good thing that you raised it. Thanks Claymaster T-REX

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