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  1. So i guess i should abandon my plans on making more cargo type variety (without changing models, just name and weight) then as well. i guess ill have to keep to vanilla game for now. What i mean by first bit is to ask if there is a way to use in singleplayer the profile that i saved in multiplayer so i could buy that truck and go back to multiplayer. Thanks for timely answer.
  2. The problem with that is that the game crashes if i try to load the profile in singleplayer (from what i read MP messes up the profile so it cannot work in SP anymore) and i like to keep the "earning everything from scrach" style so no edited savegames. unless there is some kind of way to load the save file in singleplayer and then go back to multiplayer. Im rather new to the game and dont have dozens of profiles trained up (and dont want to cheat) Edit: I also tried copying the savegame from MP into profile of SP, but the game told me there was program loading the file. so i guess i need to find a way to modify the save file to load in singleplayer? Another related question: i saw some of the mods on that page are trailers, like the 100 ton trailer. does that mean that one would need to pick up the trailer in singleplayer and then go to multiplayer every time they want to carry this cargo?
  3. So i was reading the forums and found this thread that shows what mods are allowed in multiplayer. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/6812-allowed-mods/ Reading that, it is allowing modded trucks and trailers. so i decided to tinker with my trucks, found how to extract the files, did some editing to an engine. The mod showed up fine in single player. I tried going into multiplayer and the mod seems to be gone, mod manager showing a red exclamation mark. So i though i did something wrong and decided to download one of the supported mods and try that and see how that works. I downloaded this mod: http://mods.ets2mptr.com/mod/man-tgx-750-hp.html The problem persists. it worked fine in singleplayer, shows an exclamation mark in multiplayer (see attached screenshot). Supposedly, allowed mod should work in multiplayer. It doesnt. So it looks like i am missing something else. What am i doing wrong? or is that thread outdated and no mods are allowed now? Thanks, Strazdas
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