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  1. We're ready to announce our next Community Special!

    Christmas Community Special With Real Op's


    Date: Friday 17th of December
    Server: ConSecGroup Christmas Special
    Server opening times: 17.00 UTC
    Truck Fest start's: 19.00 UTC
    Departure time: 19.30 UTC
    Sign up now! https://truckersmp.com/events/5513 https://discord.gg/cUMZ2Rbw?event=914882703298555975

    Book your Slots

    Book your parking slots now in https://discord.gg/2UKm4R5Zcf


    TruckFest Awards

    Best VTC Parking Formation

    Largest VTC Attendance

    Best VTC Paint Job

    Best Public Paint Job (Must include #BestCommunityEver Trailer)

    Community Driver of the Month (answer to question of the month)


    We are putting this event on with and for the #Best Community Ever.


    See you there Regards,

    Convoy Security Group

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