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  1. Prob cos you didn't read the mp rules properly



    §3.1 Username/Tag/Avatar 

    Having inappropriate usernames/tags/avatars including those with insults, usernames with no text, any with swearing in them, names matching administration, law enforcement organizations, "any current living or deceased political leader", otherwise inappropriate content and symbols, or similar. This also includes tags or usernames that would indicate that you are a "Forum Mod", "TS3 Admin", "Admin", "Police", "Security" or similar and in any language.


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  2. Rules were updated yesterday to include doubles etc



    §2.20 Doubles and triples

    You are not allowed to alter the configuration of the double/triple trailers, only the default job configurations are allowed.

    On ETS2, doubles are only allowed inside the Scandinavia DLC.

    so for now doubles aren't allowed out of scandi

  3. Gonna be interesting with the no speed limit as most see eu1 as the most realistic server atm


    lol nate yeah wouldn't mind that either even if its just for weekends etc :D

    maybe try a cars only server too? could pull most of the trolls out of the other ones then............

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