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  1. steam name - stilldree1976


    I found about ets2mp while browsing the steam forums years ago and headed over to the forum then :)


    my fav aspect of truckersmp is the community tbh esp the great charity convoys I feel its important to do things like this in gaming change people views on gamers we have a heart :)


    feature wise am quite happy tbh I waited for the skoda for a long time and so glad I did as its nice to have a night off from doing drops and just chill on the servers exploring the map and discovering new cities :)


    great comp btw B)

  2. yeah wouldn't mind being able to use doubles across the map etc  or maybe another car model from base game like that 4x4 Volvo thing would be great for the caravans to pull :)

  3. never bought a pre built started with a laptop for that black hawk down games years ago then mate taught me how to build pcs and have built prob 20+ pcs since then for me and friends,built one about 6 months ago for a friend who had a 2 grand budget which which nice to pick all the top parts including custom water cooling loop etc didn't want to hand it over when finish is was gorgeous tho :lol:

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