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  1. Hey kalara//.\\

    I'm glad to see the question you raised. Since truckersmp Support needs to confirm your email address as evidence, as for your email being banned, I think it's a very common thing. You can retrieve your email or provide your STEAM Proof of purchase, modify the email in STEAM, and upload it to truckersmp support for appeal. This is just my personal suggestion. I hope it can help you.


    solo boy

  2. hey Labas_Printar

    I'm glad to see the question you raised. My opinion is that it's can use. If you want to use train horns in the trucksmp plug-in, my usage plan is local mod. If trucksmp wants to use this plug-in, you can only ask trucksmpSupport provides feedback, or reports this issue to scs official


    For reference

    Solo boy

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