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  1. Yeah I'm using it. Thanks I think the problem is solved
  2. Hehey, I was playing in server 2 (europe). There is no speed limit right? Now when I try to turn of my speed limit I can't press it I can't do anything with it, this problems shows up in singelplayer too. I haven't played for 2 months but, before this update I could turn of my speed limiter. https://gyazo.com/4c21c442ed6b44db76c776cfa9ec05a9 -Wizaid
  3. Yeah thank you guys it worked
  4. ahh nope there is no ets2mp in that folder
  5. where can i see this? where can i see this?
  6. Hey, I have a problem when i try to start ets2mp it says that i can't start the program because steam_api.dll is missing, i have re-install steam, ets2 and multiplayer. I use windows 8 -Arne
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