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  1. Million88

    Game audio problem

    Hello @pedro009, Have you tested with other games/music/videos/windows sounds? Also, make sure the correct sound device is selected for Windows: 1. Hit the Windows key once 2. Type 'sound' 3. Open 'Sound settings' 4. Select the correct device for 'Output' I hope it helps. Kind regards, Million88
  2. Hello, Have you tried creating a new profile? Also, can you check your game.log.txt file, maybe some of your mods caused crash. Kind regards, Million88
  3. Hello, You can increase the report limit by sending good reports on the website. Your report limit won't increase if you only submit C-D reports. Just make sure when you make a report, there has to be something worth reporting. If your limit decreases continuously, then it seems like you often send bad or unnecessary reports on the website which might even result in completely losing access to our web report system. Kind regards, Million88
  4. Hello @Doniii, Try uninstall the launcher, then delete the TruckersMP installation directory (like %AppData%\TruckersMP) and reinstall the launcher again. Kind regards, Million88
  5. I would prefer to drive in clear weather as it may cause lag and fps drop when driving in bad weather.
  6. I really enjoy driving the bus in-game. It brings a brand new experience to the game. It will be perfect to add new buses to the game like double-decker buses and RHD bus
  7. Hello @Kemzol_PL123, "Couldn't resolve host name" sounds like your internet service problem, try to restart your Internet connection and PC. If this doesn't resolve your issue, try with VPN. Kind regards, Million88
  8. Hello there, You should see the TruckersMP login screen before the launchpad. If you see the launchpad directly after launching the game, there's high chance that TruckersMP's install path contains non-English characters. Kind regards, Million88
  9. Go to "C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data\ets2\mods" and find two files, one is "7rGblP47hlVigzHJ9TeL.mp" for April Fool's content including new CD Road and another one is "cd_changes.mp". Copy these files into your ETS2 mods folder and change the file extension from ".mp "to ".scs". Finally, launch singleplayer and enable them in the mod manager.
  10. New CD Road can reduce the number of issues and accidents that the old CD Road had
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