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  1. Hello, I'm Kabanoss and I'm going to show you the 3 different beacon settings. So these beacon settings will only show up for you, and these are doable through the in-game-console (if you don't know how to enable the in-game-console, read about it here.).

    Big thanks to FabioMike06 for letting me know about these settings.

    Also, if your game is lagging due to some problem with beacons, this guide will help you!



    ○ The first setting is the basic, the one that is set as default for everyone; g_disable_beacons 0
         This means, that the flares and flashing lights are active on your beacons (https://streamable.com/vv7qsp)

    ○ The second setting removes the flares from your beacons, which could be the reason for the lag due to beacons; g_disable_beacons 1

    ○ The third setting removes flares and flashing lights, which mean, that your beacons on the truck are static; g_disable_beacons 2

    Thank you so much for your attention and have a wonderful time!




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  2. Thanks Lena for the easy and simple guide on how to enter the gas station correctly.

    Many players think, if they ignore the no-enter sign, then there will be no difference from turning in from the right spot.
    Actually, there's a pretty big difference and that behavior could cause a lot of problems (crashes, incidents, blockings and much more).
    So please, act like Lena taught us and drive safe.

    Take care.


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  3. 3 minutes ago, [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ] said:

    Hello! @Kabanoss [EST]

    First of all, thanks for creating this topic and making this community more and more active. I very appreciated, you do best for involving others to answering and doing some discussions.


    As Devil has already said, I love all tunning packs DLC, but the best one is definitely Scania Mighty Griffin Tunning pack. 


    Sometimes is good to do some change like do not drive only with Scania, just by my mood. ♥️💜


    Have a nice day

    Kind Regards

    RedWolf [CZ] 

    TruckersMP Veteran Driver II 


    Thank you so much RedWolf! Appreciate it a lot, seriously!


    I enjoy what i’ve done so far and will continue!


    And again, the Scania tuning pack is a great one, indeed!



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  4. 21 minutes ago, [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ] said:

    Thanks for your explanation! 


    I very appreciated your time, that you got into this topic! 🙂 



    RedWolf [CZ] 

    Thank you so much!

    12 minutes ago, StateCA [NL] said:



    If someone is driving 90kph. It's not always worth the risk to overtake him. You will only gain 20kph of speed. And in busy areas like C-D road, the time gain from that speed is usually instantly nullified when you get stuck behind even more traffic up ahead.


    So just play sensible.

    Yep, on point! Thanks.

  5. I mostly drive alone, but I am a proud member of Bruijn Logistics, too. When i see Bruijn Logistics members gathering, i join them and have a great time, but other than that, I'm solo.

    Have a wonderful time!

  6. I’m not a moderator and I’m not trying to be one, but here’s my tips and “tricks” how to avoid getting banned.

    Well, first of all. You can’t completely avoid getting banned but you can do your part to lessen the chance of being punished with a ban.

    Obviously, first of all, check out the TruckersMP Game Rules here, and then read this topic if you're interested.

    Driving style: I recommend you to drive safely. Don't overtake in very populated areas if you can't be sure that you can overtake someone without any incidents or crashes. If you're confident enough that you can do it, then go for it, but it's not recommended. Of course everyone has their personal favourite speedlimit that they drive and it's completely normal, but you should be careful at specific parts of the road. Don't drive at the max speed in tight corners, as you may slide to the wrong way and cause a incident, a big one. Then there's common sense stuff you should be aware of. Always be ready to brake. Always watch out for crashes on the road, and also check the minimap every once in a while. Just think logically and be respectful on the road.

    CB Radio: There's a little chance of getting banned because a violation on CB Radio, if you're not screaming into there, playing loud music or being racist, insulting. Just talk normally, and once again - be respectful.

    Chat: With the chat, it's kinda the same as with CB Radio. Avoid insulting, being racist, spamming, and everything that you consider being unrespectful and weird.

    Of course, you don't have to listen to me, but i do recommend you to listen to me 🙂

    These are the things that I think that you should do to lessen the chance of getting banned, if you have anything to add, then be sure to comment it, and let's keep the community safe, and clean.

    Thanks for your attention, and have a wonderful time!


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  7. 14 minutes ago, W4chund said:

    Like i did in Real Life, i keep the same Speedlimits in the Game, which means +/- 5 kph around the allowed Truck Speedlimits in the Countrys.




    9 minutes ago, McDodge34 [FR QC] said:

    I respect all speed limits according to the GPS and to the trailer I'M hooked too, some support only 70kmh, some go to 80kmh, this is a trucking simulation, not need for speed, think we are too slow, go play NFS, Grid 2, Forza Horizon 4, and let us enjoy the truck simulation we love.

    Agree to you both! Thank you for adding your point of view to this topic!

  8. 1 minute ago, Xristrucking said:

    Yes indeed dude, it's been discussed a lot and there's even ongoing discussion about it now.



    Personally I'm 90km/h everytime, 110km/h is the max limit.


    I still remember when 160km to 180km/h was something quite normal in here , so it's great to see that limits have been reduced to a reasonable amount.

    Love to hear that, i didn't even know that you could drive that fast back in the days. Oh, i didn't notice the ongoing discussion about the same topic 😄 That's my bad, first post on the forums. Hope y'all forgive me 🧡

    4 minutes ago, XeoNN said:

    Some people like to go according to the speed limit, for example I go 80-90 and it adds a very real feeling. Sometimes speed limits play a big role, for example, you go at 110 speed, then you can't take the corner and you hit the person on the opposite side, but when you go with 70-80, you take the corner, thus avoiding the collision to a large extent.

    Yes, that's true. I do the same, i can't see the point in racing at 110KM/h.

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