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  1. I would assume that every single one of us is aware that people nowadays would rather been shown or let someone guide them as to what do to, instead of doing the best thing, read the Knowledge Base!! So here is my 2 cents on this topic after reading every single one. 1) Having a CAP on web reports - Now, even though the amount of web reports increases in line with the amount of successful web reports made by the user, I would suggest a CAP of 15 per month, yes people are on most days, some or not, I would say 15 is a nice figure for all, however, can I just ask, are the users using this feature for every little offence? 2) Suggest the Game Moderator and Social Media Teams both get together and create a video of what to actually report on the website (i.e Most dangerous offences) - First of all - Yes I am totally aware that the website can be rendered for every little single ram as that is what it is there for, however, I would like to believe that only reporting on the website the most serious offences will greatly improve the responsiveness and less-wasted time for the Report/Game Mods. A visual representation of what to report in-game / against what to report online in my eyes would help everyone. There is without a doubt, someone will or does take every single little thing at heart, and would make a whole 2 sided A4 page document, just for a scratch on their truck, is it worth it? Heck no.. should they use the in-game report tool? Heck yes... Although there is less time for this kind of report, it is one that can be seen quicker and dealt with easily. Click, Report and Go, that is it, job done, move on. So in conclusion, I would say, CAP the web reports at 15 per user and Utilize the web reporting system wisely along with a short video representing this.
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