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  1. When I lost connection, is it means I did something wrong ? Some moderation kicked me out? What's the message appears when you are kicked out? Disconnected from nothing
  2. Thats frustrating! I bought hoping to get a job offer, now I have to sell it. That's a shame, I don't know why is there then, if not is possible to work with it?
  3. >>: https://imgur.com/hp2h2Kq Is it possible to pick freights with this truck? Can I work with it? or it is just garnishing, What can I do with this truck? I didnt find any jobs to make it
  4. Like the print shows, I'm about to choose a cargo and all of sudden the game crashes and shows me that message, an application fatal error. What can it be, I'd appreciate the help. Thank You.
  5. I am disappointed with the errors I have been receiving on ets2, I am not receiving job offers at ets2mp, I rest, save the game but it does not solve it. crashes, and no job offer the game also stop working when I accept a job offer, So I don't know what the problem is, so I close the game and give up playing again.
  6. I'm having a problem when finding new job, it says, there is no job for you trailer. I already slept, I don't know why is this happening often
  7. Ok, and what vehicle do they usually drive? A police car? A truck ? More often I mean
  8. Nice, Is there a way to find out the admins, are they driving too or they just have a control in the air on free camera for monitoring everything? And what places the admins usually are on the map? Is there s reference or a dot?
  9. Thanks, but the site is too laggy, I don't know if it's a device problem or the site, I barely can move
  10. Oh thanks, and how can I see the map in real life on the site?
  11. The players are marked with which color on the map? Im sorry but Im kind of new on multiplayer, I'm not sure if it's the blue point or the red square.
  12. I've been looking the statistics and how many players are actually playing in this moment but in the map I see a few of tem, while on site has 2k of players online, I don't see all of that in game, how does this work? In simulation 1 sometimes is full but in game I tried to count and don't see 2k for instance, I see maybe 50? 100 on the map? Idk
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