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  1. Suggestion Name: expert parking

    Suggestion Description: docking with a HTC, sow revers it. optional in menu-game-deliveryskill


    Why should it be added?: to have a real challenge.  

    Any example images: 20190926082740_1.thumb.jpg.0fce304b7372c15a936f94ddfa0dc856.jpg  << LKW Amsterdam

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  2. 1. hallokevin1990

    2.i whas driving on stream with lars_monsen
       first of all i know whe drive reckless but with tap open if whe see a player in the area whe slow speed a little
      a vuiwer from the stream that get banded whas angree and poster this video to a admin that gif me a 14d ban i never got a warning and never got a ban befor

       if u look the video well u see that whe dident start 1 exedent and cass 1 players flamed to me and lars whe turned around cass ingame report system dos not work enimore sins 1 update befor the new dlc (map)

       i dont like to get flamed by a player cass i drive back and started to blok him i get banded for 14 days and i think thats just rediculess

    3. video http://www.twitch.tv/lars_monsen/v/5435951

    oja the admin that banded me > fyzz08 <



      greatings kevin


      ps sorry for bad EN langrage but i try me best ;)

  3. heey dev. from ets2mp

    you guys did a good job to open a new server (eu2) vuiw update`s back
    but what you did now supristed me hard

    you limet the speed on EU2 aswell
    whats the point of that with a average player base of 250 players this gona be a big mistake cass i`m not gona play enimore thill the speedlimit is gone
    and i cant talk for ather players but i think the have the same question


    greatings kevin

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