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  1. @TheBear1The map site is still very very useful, thanks for the help.
  2. @TheBear1The problem with the live map is that, you cant zoom out too far, or the traffic on it will disappear. And the loading time is pretty bad for me if i drag it around, and move to different areas.
  3. What's the busiest road in ATS? Does it come close to calais - duisburg madness?
  4. @Neon_TMPDo you play DCS by any chance? Saw your turkish F-4 profile pic.
  5. ATS for me, I like ATS scenery and the landscape more, there are more variations of scenery than ETS2. ETS2 is mostly just green and generally looks the same everywhere. Also I love the american truck style, I used to hate it and only played ETS, but now I developed a great love for them. Probably because I know a lot more about american culture now, and all the western movies I've watched in the past year is taking its effect on me
  6. [email protected] No further help is needed. Thanks for the quick clear and professional response from you guys, I appreciate it a lot.
  7. the avatar next to your in-game name. if someone can shed some light on this, it would be great, thanks.
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