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  1. DatSpeed's post in Şirket Başvuruları was marked as the answer   
    Merhaba @Nebraska_15,
    Herhangi bir şirkete başvururken;
    Şirketin Alım Şartlarını ve Kurallarını Oku, Başvuruna Ekle. Sürüş yeteneklerini anlatmaya çalış. Kaç yıldır oynadığını, tecrübelerini anlat. Discord vs. üzerinden şirket ile iletişimde kal, aktifliğini göster. Eklemek istediklerini ve neden seni almaları gerektiğini anlat.  
    Umarım bu maddeler yardımcı olur. Şimdiden başarılar,
  2. DatSpeed's post in Does anyone restart the pc alone? was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Soniic /:\.
    I don't think that problem is common.
    I can be much helpful if you write your Display Card model.
    Your problem may result from these:
    Although not sure, your display card may be unable to lift the load. Almost all display cards are shutting the system down if the temperature of the card goes extremely high. Maybe these can explain your problem.
    So I recommend you to open 'MSI Afterburner' or that kind of program that shows the temperatures and write it down here.
    Sorry in advance for any kind of wrong choice of words/translation issues.
    Feel free to DM me by clicking here if you got different questions.
    Kind regards.
  3. DatSpeed's post in How many extra headlights are allowed? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Alpha435,
    First of all, congratulations on your first topic on TruckersMP Forum.
    There is an auto-kick for overuse of accessories.
    Rule Section §5.1
    An excessive amount of accessories - Using an excessive amount of saving edited items
    The maximum amount of accessories per truck: 100
    The maximum amount of accessories per trailer: 50
    The maximum amount of hookups per accessory: 25
    Also, your accessories can not cause lag or drop in the server. (Rule §3)
    Click HERE to see the rules.
    Sorry in advance for any translation issues. Feel free to DM me for any kind of problems.
    King regards...
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