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  1. Thanks @Stubborn__, very helpful! I'll have a run through a few of those and see if I can get better performance.
  2. Hi helpful forum peoples! I'm really struggling to get any decent quality on game recordings. I've only started on TruckersMP about a month and a bit ago and I've started recording snippets after a player deliberately rammed me and blocked my way last month. As I didn't have evidence I couldn't complete the report form. I'm very new to the whole recording gaming thing and I really don't know what's best. A friend recommended Medal and I've tried that. But no matter what settings I use, the videos and associated audio are very jittery. Are there any better services to use? Tech Specs: I'm on a gaming laptop atm, with an Nvidia Geforce 940MX graphics card, 12B RAM and an SSD. Cheers in advance! :)
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