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  1. chichi_TMP's post in Detects a different version than I have, and Fatal error was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Duży Pan[PL]

    Thanks for sharing your problem with us,

    Here I will leave you two possible solutions to help you with your mistakes:
    Hope I can help you with your problem.

  2. chichi_TMP's post in Launcher Initialization Error was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Chevy_Silverado_1500

    Thanks for sharing your problem with us,

    For this you must download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 program, here I will leave you the link and a video where you just have to follow the steps:
    Also make sure to keep Windows up to date.
    I hope I can help you with your problem and have a nice Christmas.

  3. chichi_TMP's post in Cannot use World of Trucks (external assignments) was marked as the answer   
    Hello @bastie171

    thanks for sharing your question.

    Currently WOT is compatible with version [1.38], and TruckersMP is in version [1.37], it remains to wait for TruckersMP to update to be able to use WOT.

    I hope I can help you in your question.

  4. chichi_TMP's post in Cargo Mass was marked as the answer   
    Hello @User_3678473
    Thanks for your question, Primeno need to download the [SII DESCRYPT], here is the link:
    I will tell you the steps you must follow to do it:
    1- have a treailer and look at her plate.

    2- make a save.

    3- [without closing the game] you will go to Euro Truck or American Truck documents.

    4-you enter the [profiles] folder and you enter the folder of your profile where you made your save [you can tell by the saving time].

    5- you give the folder [save] and look for the number of your folder [again you will check the time of the folder].
    Once you have the previous steps ready, proceed to unzip the [sii descrypt] and drag the file to the folder where you left off.
    6- once the step is done you will use the document [game] you will have to use it in the notepad.

    7- drag the [game], to the file, [sii descrypt] and you will get a black screen for a few seconds [then it will be removed]

    8- when the black screen is removed, proceed to open the [game] document and all the game commands will appear.

    9- you will give to [edition] and then to, [search] and you will look for the plate of your trailer, [the first search may not find it, you will press enter again].

    10- when you do the step above you will see your trailer, you will go up a little until you find the command called [cargo_mass], and you will put the tons you want to carry.
    Example:             100T = 100000

                                 5T: 5000
    11- you give [file] and save.
    12- open the game and load the saved game and voila!
    I hope I can help you with your question, you can ask me any questions and I will gladly help you.
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