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  1. 3 minutes ago, Arix_ said:

    Why do we need to raise 10km/h more for the scout? It's not really gonna be a noticeable difference anyways. Personally for me, I think 110km/h is just good enough for the scout car.


    We also currently do not need anymore vehicles. The scout is probably gonna be the only non-truck vehicle we will have in TMP. Remember that this a trucking simulator game, not a car simulator. ;)


    However, if you are talking about more trucks, I agree. However, that's SCS's work to do. :)


    Therefore, with my points, I disagree with you. 


    Although I do strongly agree with some of your points, but in my defense, driving a scout which has the same top speed as a massive truck doesn't always give a comfortable experience.


    It is also very hard to find any other community that is as successful as TMP, to me, it will be lovely to not only drive trucks but also other family cars for an even better experience.


    Last but not least, I'm excited for the new trucks that'll probably come soon!


    PS.Thank you for the reply:D


    Best Regards,


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