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  1. Ping Fan - TMP's post in Confused with TruckersMP compatibility with Promods was marked as the answer   
    Hi @RafaeI     I'm happy to answer your questions 
    To be precise, you need to purchase all map DLC in order to access the Promods server
    The 7 map DLC are: French DLC, Italian DLC, Baltic DLC, Eastern European DLC, Northern European DLC, Black Sea DLC, and Iberian DLC
    If you have the above map DLC, you can download the Promods2.60 file from the Promods website and install it
    Because the version is up to date, you cannot use the older version
    The following is the Promods official website: https://promods.net/
                 I hope I can help you. Good luck     Thank you
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