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  1. .Quality's post in Use alternating vehicles in single player was marked as the answer   
    It is possible to use the Alternating Vehicles in single-player.
    You will need ai_asset.mp, ai_public.mp and ai_patron.mp. You should rename the mods as explained in the guide as usual. 
  2. .Quality's post in Can I Use This Truck On TMP?? was marked as the answer   
    Judging from the images, there look to be no duplicated parts and the save looks to have been correctly edited.
    Therefore, it is unlikely that this vehicle will cause "extreme lag" or "game crashes", both of which are prohibited in TruckersMP.
    Based on this, this vehicle would be able to be used in TruckersMP.
    However, you should refer to the rules, specifically, rule 3 - save editing for more clarification, and remember that you are responsible for your account at all times.
  3. .Quality's post in Skoda's rear view mirror was marked as the answer   
    Hey there @Samderali,
    This is a confirmed bug as seen here.
    If it is fixed, you will be able to, however otherwise, it will not be possible in ETS2.
    Kind regards,
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