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  1. Mehmet [25]'s post in If i change trailer texture will i get banned was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    TruckersMP supports the use of local mods. If you want to make a special texture for yourself, you must first do it in local mode. Local mods are only visible to you. So other players cannot see your special texture . 

    I hope this was enough to answer the questions in your mind
    Kind Regards,
    Mehmet [24]
  2. Mehmet [25]'s post in Freeze and then crash after completed your job was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    Follow these guides:
    Solution 1:
    Have you tried verify your game ?
    > Go to Steam Library
    > Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2
    > Properties
    > Local Files
    > Verify Integrity of Game Files
    Wait until the game files are verified and try whether the error still occurs.
    Solution 2:
    You should start TruckersMP as admin. This is really important.
    Also try to start TruckersMP with DirectX (64)
    > Go to your steam App
    > Go to library
    > Go to ETS 2 / ATS
    > Click "Play" 
    > Choose "Launch with DirectX (64-bit). Make sure you chose 64 bit.
    > Start ETS 2
    > Choose your profile and press "drive"
    > Close ETS 2
    > Start TruckersMP as admin. TruckersMP will start with DirectX for all time. Except you change it again.
    Also try to reinstall TruckersMP.
    Go to '%programdata%' and delete the folder 'TruckersMP'. After that uninstall TruckersMP and download the MOD again: https://truckersmp.com/download -> Launch the installer as admin
    Solution 3:
    > Update your graphic card driver.
    > Take care not to play in busy areas.
    > Pull down your graphics settings.
    > You maybe need a new profile,delete old and get a new one.
    > Reinstall the mod and make sure that you put correct in directory. (\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2)
    > Don't use unsupported mods.Also too many mods can cause your game to crash.You can find supported and allowed mod from here.
    > Delete file Documents/ETSMP (Please before deleting,backup this file)
    > That's may be caused by missing game file.Go to Steam Library / Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 / Properties / Local Files / Verify Integrity of Game Files.
    > Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7) & DirectX & Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and use CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsoleteregistry paths.
    And read these topics, too
    Kind Regards, 
    Mehmet [24]
  3. Mehmet [25]'s post in How to get different stack pipes? was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    Yes, there is such a mod, but it does not support all trucks.
    You can use this : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2262747425&searchtext=Custom+ETS2+mp
    Kind Regards,
    Mehmet [24]
  4. Mehmet [25]'s post in How long does it take to get the MP up to date with the live version of the game? was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    Unfortunately there is no ETA as to when TruckersMP will be updated to 1.40. So the only thing you can do is tot wait patiently.
    To find out more on how you are able to downgrade, you can have a look at this article to help you : https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26

    Kind Regards,
    Mehmet [24]

  5. Mehmet [25]'s post in Can't uninstall winter mod was marked as the answer   
    Hello, @busterj2434
    You need to delete these files
  6. Mehmet [25]'s post in Save edit modu was marked as the answer   
    Evet böyle bir mod var fakat tüm parçaları desteklemiyor.
    Bunu kullanabilirsin https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2262747425&searchtext=Custom+ETS2+mp
    Mehmet [24]
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