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  1. Kinda the same Opinion as @CarCat I obey the speedlimit of the country im driving in and stop at every traffic light or stop sign even if there is no one near me. I even lowered the physics settings to the lowest (its the most realistic setting according to a dev in the scs software forum) But the whole community is full of kids and people who dont know the crew or Forza horizon exist where you can openly drive around with your friends. Even People in those "virtual trucking companies" are a joke.. The people talk about how they want to make things more realistic and then they drive 100kph in huge convoys with a 8x4 Scania.. and when they want to drop off the load they either dont know how to back up a trailer or they simply skip it.. I simply dont get it why people like that dont buy Forza Horizon.. its a great game to cruise around even if its arcade. I would wish there would be a invite only simulation server where you have to apply with a short application and have to show that you obey the traffic rules and that you drive smoothly.. Even if you would have to pay like 5€ for every month.. i would gladly pay that to have a server like that full of people who also like to obey traffic rules.
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