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  1. if you want the simulation part, dont drive more than 90 km/h on highways and dont drive more than 60 km/h on normal streets coz thats the max trucks are allowed to drive. and driving a bit faster has nothing to do with racing, a scout can easily hit 170-180 w/o it being a racing car
  2. Wie gehts wie stehts artic wolf.

    1. AshlynsGaming


      I'm doing great. Thanks. :)

  3. no one forced them to drive 150 km/h, that was their own decision and if they fucked it up its their problem, not mine or yours. i just report them whenever someone has the need to overtake with max km/h in a 30km long traffic jam and causes a huge crash. thats why there is the report reason "reckless driving"
  4. And there are still 9 billion idiots who do the same thing but with 110km/h, didnt change anything other than the amount of damage you recieve, from 100 to 99
  5. coz everyone who complains about the update must be a racer/troll/griefer, yea right
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