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  1. Hello, I have a problem using the Frosty mod. I have the mod in this path (Documents > ETS2MP > mod) and TruckersMP is not showing the mod I have in my mod file. I have followed the instruction on how to use the frosty mod.
  2. I agree with this french user (MIKE DU 69 (FR)). Yes, I used google translate to find out what he is saying. Raise the limit to 150, or they can raise the speed limit to 120km/h. That can be enough.
  3. Me getting flung into the air is something I never experienced from players. But most areas such as Calais or Duisburg is crowded. Even the low-end pcs wouldn't handle that much amount of players. Edit: I am probably going to stick with the Arcade servers. I will wait and see what happens in the future.
  4. What kind of update is this??? I liked the old one, now the servers are ruined . Why TruckersMP? Can we have a server where we don't have a speed limiter please? I mean a server with collisions on and no speed limiter.
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