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  1. It seems to me that TruckersMP and ScsMP are two different things. One is dependent on server performance and the other on player performance.TruckersMP allows for larger convoys than ScsMP because hundreds of people can ride on one server. With ScsMP it is possible for 8 people to ride at the same time. Personally, I like to drive in big convoys and I like to participate in big events, so I drive more on TruckersMP.

  2. I don't have one most boring road in ETS2 there are many for me.
    First and foremost, the highways in England that need to be refreshed. Personally, I prefer the ones on Promods better with impressive looks and well rendered cities, roads, signs and roundabouts.
    The next highway through practically all of Italy is the A14 which connects the cities of Bologna and Bari.
    The highways listed here are boring, but in my case the feeling of boredom disappears when I drive with someone and just talk.

  3. Convoy Profile/ Main Profile connected with WOT,All DLC maps Level 139 and 257 000 drive distance.

    Explore 46 %.


    Promods Profile with Promods and Middle East 1 200000 drive distance and 231 level.

    Explore 52%


    Single Profile Some maps Rusmap, Roextented 755 000  and 131 level.

    Explore 48 %.

  4. In my opinion, one of the nicer map DLC's for ETS. My particular attention was drawn to:
    - viewpoints
    - nicely mapped cities and banners
    - graphite on the walls
    - petrol stations
    It is worth mentioning that the new lighting adds additional charm to Iberi itself as well as other areas.

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