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  1. I am kind of worried there has been a massive surge of horrible players flat out refusing to play correctly as someone who has been on these servers since 2014 I wish to chime in that its more than just that a lot of these happen late nights when no mods are on, it has been an ongoing problem for sometime now. I can only imagine how much they have to do to deal with this, I am remaining optimistic in reduction of issues but behind all this layers an even bigger problem of some VTC companies just do not care most of these people always look at other as Superior and they as common peasant. The entirety also falls on a lot of mods abusing powers [and I have many evidence proof] of Mods crashing into players and banning them. I feel the people who run this Mod might need to make bigger changes.


    On a side note may I point out as a female player there has been numerous time I have Been sexually harassed by both player and mods over the years and it has toned down some

    but it still remains an issues that some male demographic feel threaten by a girl playing. I really hop that someone could work on these issues. I really love you guys but I hate to say its been very difficult to continue playing after so many years of dedication (in-game) I would hate to find out these issues continuing.

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  2. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue.


    When I log in sometimes ( more than less) I see no jobs anywere with or without a trailer, I have been playing since 2014 and have not come across this until recently. Sometimes I can reset the job board if I fast travel to other part of the map or remove my trailer. Sometimes even when I remove my trailer all the jobs I can see are special or heavy hauling jobs. Sometimes I only see 3 jobs (Ventalation shafts or pipes) and nothing else. is there something I am missing? any help or advise would be greatly appretiated.

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