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  1. WE HAVE A WINNER ! the direct x did the trick so funny how the smallest of things make such a big difference. thank you.
  2. so i have recently reinstalled ets2 on a new hdd as my old one died....i lost my save which i can deal with i will start from fresh, ive gone and downloaded the MP mod to play with friends and it lets me create a profile then it lets me do the first quick delivery it starts u on....once i compleat that delivery and go to the results my game just shuts down to desktop no error code or warning....i restart the game and click on the profile i created and as soon as i click to load it, it throws me back to desktop.....i have looked for solutions and i have tried creating a seprate profile from the single player...i have tried using my single player profile, i have logged into evrything i have uninstalled and reinstalled....i have uninstalled removed everything from my reg in regedit and now im at a compleat standstill.....can anyone help ?
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