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  1. Hey Luca, I didn't get back to yah earlier in-game, wanted to thank you for the words.

  2. G'dei, recently I begun a new series on ETS2MP with a few of my good friends by basically creating 'German Convoys' where the objective is to drive from point A to B while communicating in Deutsch most of the time while driving, since I want to learn Deutsch this benefits me to practise while it also gives me and my friends a chance have a relaxing drive together in quite areas of the map to avoid the chaos, if anyone is interested in participating or would like to also help me at the same with learning German in these future of convoys please contact me on Discord.


    Have a great day and remember to drive safe! :)



    1. maksch


      Thats nice, keep it up

  3. G'dei, I have recently posted my fourth ETS2MP crash compilation about a week ago and I thought 'Why not share some activity on my forum profile?', well in this case I will probably post activity of my uploads related to TruckersMP since I am very active on YouTube and Discord.

    My edits for these compilations are not the best, however I had so many report clips on my second channel that I could use and this became possible! :D

    Hope you enjoy and remember to drive safe and not end up like these rule breakers. :)


  4. G'dei,

    I just recently learnt how to finally post attachments on my profile with help from one of the developers.

    This will be my first profile post on the forums as I am still a bit new here.


    Anyway I wanted to share my video here that I recorded on the simulation server from completing a very long job from Roscoff, France to Istanbul, Turkey via the CD road, it was almost 4,000 kilometres and I got there without any major crashes, overtaking, excessive speeding or rule breaking and I had gotten the 'excellent rating' after completing the job while driving in the rain half the way.

    I also did this to prove that anyone can do the same like how I have driven, if players drove like I did it would make a change to the simulation server.


    Have a good day and drive safe :)




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