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  1. Cabin

    add to the server cabin accessories sisl's mega pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=645553604&searchtext=Mega+pack
  2. Passanger mod

    Hello. I'm not sure that someone suggested but, you can add a bus like Man lion`s coach as well as passenger transportatio for multiplayer.
  3. Steering wheel

    Hello. Thank you
  4. Steering wheel

    Hello. How many degrees you need to buy a steering wheel for a comfortable game. If there is an offer then advise.
  5. Login to the server

    Hello. Thanks a lot for your help. All the best
  6. I`m don`t speak wery well in the English.

  7. Login to the server

    Problem when logging in to server 2. Docs: https://vk.com/video383863760_456239047