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  1. hi guys, I dont know if tmp know about this issue but if they do then ignore it but i use speditor to create loads for myself on tmp when i cant find the load i want going to a particular city. The issue is that when loading a save that you created and then the game crashes. But when i reload the game again its fine. I know its not a scs problem or speditor issue cos it works fine in sp with no crashes.
  2. Hi, I have downloaded the winter mods but when i go to mp profile - it shows no mods but when I load up in sp it shows the mods - why is this? Alex
  3. Hi, I have just completed the "Start Your Engines" WoT event. We were given "slipstream" skin to put on our trucks if we completed the event - but truckers mp dont support this - when will they support it? Alex
  4. Hi I just had the new tmp update but when I went back into the game and pressed f7 to connect my trailer as it is externals - it didnt and when I went to pick it up - i cant pick it . I am trying to do the WoT event and I cannot complete due to this stupid update.
  5. This is the most stupidest idea i have seen in my life on a truck sim game
  6. Your servers are crashing with the updates!!! 500 internal server errors!!
  7. I know why I need to do it to play online but why isnt truckersmp recognised the latest version of ets2.
  8. Hi I have just tried to launch truckers mp and it says that it doesn't recognise my latest version of the game. Alex
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